Apple’s December 2 Springboard Crash Bug

It’s been interesting to watch this pop up tonight. It looks like a pretty serious bug in iOS 11:

I can imagine what’s happen at Apple right now for the past few hours, engineers in there working and finding and solving the problem. Other folks discussing how to push it out to customers.

I wonder if they are also discussing tonight about pushing the button and releasing 11.2 tonight. I don’t think that’s in the cards if only for the size of that download, vs a super small patch for this one.

Today at work I spent most of the day doing a small firefight around how Touch ID / Face ID works in an app. I’ve come to the conclusion that’s a combination of a subtle bug, and customers expectations regarding how the feature is supposed to work. It felt like a small firefight to me – it was exciting and a little hairy at the same time.

But nothing on the scale of what’s happening at Apple tonight. Good luck Apple folk!