Introducing Friends Weather

TL;DR: More details here: I’ve always been a weather fan. Growing up in southern Alberta in Canada, we got all kinds of interesting weather: rain, snow, hail, frost, thunderstorms. Because weather excites me so much, I bought a lot of weather apps for my iPhone. I should go count, but at least 20-30 purchased […]

Submitted 1.0 of a passion project

Tonight this happened: This is a side project iOS app that I’ve been working on and off on since November of 2016. Yes, 2016. When it gets approved, I’m going to blog a whole lot more about my learnings working on this over the past few years. It’s an app around one of my passions, […]

On the missing Xcode

Update: We got a seed of an Xcode 10.2 today (January 24, 2018) – so no conspiracy. Perhaps a holiday break? It was fun to write all this down at least. As an iOS developer I’m used to change. We get new apis every June, new betas of iOS and Xcode every few weeks. Our […]

Swift By Sundell – Model Controllers

This is a great post about Model controllers. Upon reading it I realize that I’ve done this for many years, to try and keep things encapsulated.  I’ve been slowly rewriting my Birthdays app in Swift, for no real reason except to see how little code I could write now to reproduce when I wrote 9 […]

Apple Acquires Shazam

I still remember being at a WWDC Stump The Experts session where one of the first questions was what were the names of the songs playing before things kicked off, and a developer from Shazam stood up, and rattled all of them off. There was a roar from the crowd, and he said he was […]

Apple’s December 2 Springboard Crash Bug

It’s been interesting to watch this pop up tonight. It looks like a pretty serious bug in iOS 11: I can imagine what’s happen at Apple right now for the past few hours, engineers in there working and finding and solving the problem. Other folks discussing how to push it out to customers. I […]

Intuit vs eBay Settlement

Today I received a $150 check from the settlement of this class action lawsuit: As much as I am not a fan of class action lawsuits, two companies that colluded to not poach each others employees seems wrong, it doesn’t allow for people to move freely between companies based upon their skills and future challenges.  […]

Halt And Catch Fire

I’ve really enjoyed Halt And Catch Fire over the past three years. Being part of the tech industry now for over 20 years, I’ve found myself really empathizing with these characters, and growing to love them. The final season was great and heart wrenching at the same time. But the writers and actors did a fantastic job […]

Test Drove a Chevy Bolt EV today

A few days ago I got an email from Chevy regarding a new program they started in the past few weeks where one can sign up for a Chevy Bolt EV test drive. (It’s currently offered in San Francisco/San Jose, San Diego and Los Angeles) But unlike a normal test drive, they drive the Bolt […]

These new iPad Pro ads by Apple are fantastic. Short, funny, and true. Love it! Apple launches whimsical iPad Pro ad campaign based on PC user tweets