Swift With Objective C Tip 1

If you’ve started down the road of incorporating Swift into an Objective C project, and run into an error when adding calling a method in your Swift class that Xcode says isn’t there, or doesn’t autocomplete, try the following: Add your #import “module-Swift.h” to your Objective C .m file. (In my case it’s #import “AppName-Swift.h”. […]

Learning Swift, Part 1

I’ve been attempting to, in my spare time, do more Swift development. The hardest thing for me so far is struggling knowing that I could do something in two minutes than in Swift takes me 20-30 minutes to search for and explore an answer and get the code in the correct format.  It would be […]

Five Minute Watch Kit

This site has been invaluable for WatchKit stuff, particularly this post in submitting issues: http://www.fiveminutewatchkit.com/blog/2015/4/2/submitting-your-watchkit-app Well worth the bookmark!

MacStories – Must have iPad apps for 2014

Federico Viticci has a great article on must have iPad apps – there are a lot in there that I didn’t know about and look very useful. iOS 8’s extensions and share sheet changes seemed to have enabled a lot of this innovation. http://www.macstories.net/roundups/my-must-have-ipad-apps-2014-edition-2/

Minimum vacation policy

Instating an open vacation policy can be poison for your people’s team and happiness, as it removes the lower barrier of what’s an acceptable amount of time to be away and focus on recharging and your family, in short, your personal well-being. Your job as a company isn’t to coerce your people into taking as […]

WWDC 2014 Recap

This years WWDC was pretty amazing in my mind – I didn’t get a ticket, but as I sat and watched the keynote, I keep being surprised. Granted I was off on my prediction (September 9th anyone?), but Apple had so much new and exciting stuff for developers that week that I’m still taking it in […]

Brent On Taking A Break

Brent Simmons comments on Marco’s fight on the internet, and Twitter’s affect on people. Best quote: Twitter is also wonderful, and I get so much value out of it. But it’s like 51% good and 49% bad.