In Which I Blog About WWDC 2014 And Come To A Crazy Conclusion

I won’t be attending WWDC 2014 this year (didn’t win the lottery), but I’ve been thinking a lot about this year and all the rumors surrounding it. 

Before we get crazy

Go read Rich Siegel’s post on his thoughts. This is some nice sane deductions based upon his years as a Mac and iOS developer. 

Let’s Get Crazy

I, like you, have been reading all the rumors about announcements. New iPhones, New iMacs, Apple home automation, iOS 8, Mac OS 10.10. 

Try going to the WWDC schedule web site, specifically the labs. Have a look at the Tools labs. A, B, and C. Keep scrolling. Here, let me illustrate it for you:


Tuesday am:
 Tuesday am

Tuesday pm:

Tuesday pm

Wednesday am:

Wednesday am

Wednesday pm:

Wednesday pm

Thursday am:

Thursday am

Thursday pm:

Thursday pm

Friday am:

Friday am

Friday pm:

Friday pm


Two thirds of all of the tools labs are left to be announced. That suggests to me something big is coming tool wise. I suppose this could be a lot of things, a new version of Xcode maybe? But here’s where I go a little off the deep end. 


One could assume that all these open Tools sessions mean there’s some new very important tool that Apple wants a lot of developers time to try and ask questions on. One could also assume that Apple wants to control more of it’s destiny in all areas of products. One could assume that Apple wants developers to “learn about the future of iOS and OS X”. 

I wonder if the space is being reserved for some conversion tool, which will allow developers of Mac apps to convert to an ARM based Cocoa SDK, and test their apps in the tools lab on prototype ARM Macs, and ask questions. It’s happened before in the PowerPC to Intel switch. 

Yes, crazy, I know. And I’m grasping here. But it feels like something Apple would try and do. Super low cost chips that are super fast, designed by them so they can run the OS as fast as possible, a compiler written by them so they can optimize code generation for their own chips. 24 hour battery life on MacBook Air anyone? 8 core super fast iMac for $600?


Or all the time is being reserved for the Mac OS 10.10 ui redesign, and tools to help convert your app to using that and asking questions about that. That would fit’s_razor more.