Introducing Friends Weather

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I’ve always been a weather fan. Growing up in southern Alberta in Canada, we got all kinds of interesting weather: rain, snow, hail, frost, thunderstorms. Because weather excites me so much, I bought a lot of weather apps for my iPhone. I should go count, but at least 20-30 purchased or free ones.

Probably 4 years ago I said to myself “I should write a weather app”. A lot of people have done great jobs on apps, but I really wanted one that focused on a person and their weather.

Not having found one, I decided to write my own. And finally, the result is Friends Weather.

I suspect this is true of all developers, but once you’ve written an app to scratch that itch, you often stop. I wrote what was a ‘good enough’ app for me, installed it on my phone, and went about my business.

But when I showed it to people, they were like “that’s super cool, you should ship it”. Shipping a reasonable quality app takes a long time. In addition weather data isn’t free. I had thought about having ads in the app, but I really don’t like ads for utility apps like this one. So I ended up adding some subscription code, so that people could try it for free, and if they liked it, they could subscribe and unlock all the features.

It’s been out for a week and a bit, and is doing poorly download wise 🙂

Friends Weather app store stats for week of April 29-May 5, 2019

Those impression numbers look pretty nice, far larger than my two other apps. 16 downloads is disappointing, but just proves to me that creating an app is one thing, but marketing it and making the app great is another.

Go download it, and send me some feedback via the in app link.

Stay tuned for another blog post about my subscription code issues.