Test Drove a Chevy Bolt EV today

A few days ago I got an email from Chevy regarding a new program they started in the past few weeks where one can sign up for a Chevy Bolt EV test drive. (It’s currently offered in San Francisco/San Jose, San Diego and Los Angeles)

But unlike a normal test drive, they drive the Bolt EV to the location you choose and you drive from there for about 30 minutes.

So I signed up for April 1 at 11am. I got an email confirmation, and when the driver was on his way I got a text with a link to a page that had a map showing the Bolt’s current location.


Sam arrived with the blue Bolt, and we hopped in, he showed me around a bit, and then I ended up driving to work and driving to my local grocery store, on the roads that I travel every day.

Sam wasn’t from a particular dealership in the area, but works for Chevrolet doing this only, what he calls a product specialist. So no hard sells, just a nice test drive on roads I drive every day.

Thoughts on the car

I was very impressed. The Bolt has some really good pickup, that great linear acceleration that people have talked about with electric cars. The technology was impressive too, two nice large screens, one for your speedo, etc, and one in the radio/nav area of the car.

Will I get one? I don’t know. I’m a little sad that it doesn’t have adaptive cruise control (my current Mazda has it). And it’s a good $14,000 more than my current car. But I would probably end up leasing it, as I have to think in 3 years the cost/technology in electric cars will have advanced quite a bit.

A few last pictures