WWDC 2014 Recap

This years WWDC was pretty amazing in my mind – I didn’t get a ticket, but as I sat and watched the keynote, I keep being surprised. Granted I was off on my prediction (September 9th anyone?), but Apple had so much new and exciting stuff for developers that week that I’m still taking it in and watching videos.

Brent Simmons again has a great post on his initial reactions, and mine were very similar.

My biggest surprise and excitement for the future of Apple was Swift. What a great way to induce excitement back into a developer platform than to change the fundamental language we develop in.

Yes, I love Objective C, but I’ve been doing it a long time. I’m by no means an expert, but I’m pretty good. I’m excited to learn Swift, to write some apps in Swift, and to move with Apple to the future of developing apps for their products.

I’m also excited for the future of Apple hardware and Swift. With Apple owning the language, the compiler for the language, and the chip that the language runs on, I wonder what performance increases they can get out of it.

Also, think about the future of AppKit and UIKit. With Swift, what changes in those frameworks? What new functionality will be only available in Swift?

In conclusion, this WWDC has re-invigorated me as an Apple developer, and gotten me very excited for the future of Apple.

Bring on September 9th.